Illustrators we love – Isabella Arsenault

Isabella Arsenault has a beautiful and delicate style that just draws me to the covers of the books she Illustrates.

A Canadian, she studied at Université du Québec à Montréal , she is has received two Governors General awards for her works.

I love the soft greys and delicate pops of color. Some of her works remind her of Wayne Thiebaud pieces, just soft and delicious.


Our top two  favorite books:


A beautiful tale about being different. As my kids are half, I thought it would be fitting. We just adore the book.



Virginia Wolf

A tale of Virgina Wolf and her sister, enough said. A must read.


Isabella brings these books to life, her delicate hand and style make the imagination a very pretty place to visit.

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Once Upon a School

I have been reading and gathering a lot of information over the past few months.

I came across this video, I love TED, and this talk by Dave Eggers is so inspiring, hopefully it will inspire you as well.