Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Since we love Oliver Jeffers, I used Stuck as inspiration for my Valentine’s Day cards.



What you need:


ribbon / embroidery thread

popsicle stick / skewers

hotglue gun

washi tape




Draw out a diamond and cut two pieces, my kite was about 4.5 in long by 4 in wide.

Choose the picture you want for the front and color it in. Cut a ribbon for the kite tail, any size you think will look good. Glue the tail to the inside of the back blank piece of the kite. Place glue around all the corners of the kite, and glue on the front of the backside of the kite to the inside of the kite. (see below)



Cut or break the popsicle stick with one side longer to fit the length and width of the kite. Hot glue the stick on to the back of the kite.


Add washi tape to the end of the kite tale and write a little message on the back.



Happy Valentine’s Day

Watercolor reindeer

thingsThis is one of my favorite projects, watercolor + straws. I think I love the unconventional use of the straw but even more the uniqueness of each little piece of art.


What you need:

brown watercolor, watered down


watercolor paper

oil pastels/crayons

gold paint (optional)

noahblowWhat you do:

Take the straw and insert it into the liquid, keeping your finger on the tip of the straw to trap the liquid inside. Pull the straw from the watercolor and let go onto the watercolor paper. (although most paper types would probably work).

Then, the fun part, just blow. kingsstraw


For littler ones, make sure they keep the straw away from the inside of their mouth, because they will possibly try to suck through the straw.

Once they have dried, you can use the oil pastels to draw on eyes and a nose. Although, I often find they can be beautiful on their own.


Merry Christmas!

Spring Break Book Activities

I thought I would share some visuals of the book activities I have been sharing on Instagram.




After reading Windblown by Edouard Manceau, we cut our colored pieces inspired by the book to create a chicken and a jellyfish.





Drawing inspiration from Michael Hall’s book, Perfect Square, we gathered colored paper and some scissors.





We cut our squares into diagonal pieces and then we used them like puzzle pieces to come up with our own photos.



We came up with a giraffe having a snack and a tray of noodles and soup.



The above books were chosen so that my littlest ones could be involved in the projects. The older ones have ideas of their own (the giraffe having a snack), where my almost 4 year old needs a little help. He sees a bowl, and I help him make a table. He is pretty good with a glue stick. If your picture is more abstract, let it be. In the mind of a child, what they see you might not, but it builds confidence to let them do it on their own.


A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston is just beautiful, as well as educational. I have added this book into another series I want to teach my children about. I will share soon.


You have probably seen this project around, it’s pretty common for a kindergartner to make at school. I had never grown a bean in a cup so I was just as excited as my children. These beans are three days in, and once my children saw the sprout, they were so excited. We drew our own pictures to place in the plant so we could tell who’s was who’s.

I chose a navy bean (the smaller one ) and a lima bean for our projects. You just need a clear cup, cotton balls and a bean, so simple. Place the cup in the window and wait for the magic to begin.

I love bringing books to life and teaching and learning along side my children.

Happy Spring Everyone.


Raise-A-Reader Day


(for more information and photo credit)

Today was Raise-A-Reader Day here in Vancouver, 100% of all funds go to support Literacy in BC. We bought our copy of the Vancouver Sun in support and I read tons of books to the kids. Reading aloud happens everyday in our home, recently, I have added reading in times other than after school, set a times reading time and bedtime, I have been reading at dinner or when preparing dinner, or even when the kids are in the bath. I feel that right now my little sponges are getting so much from reading that if I can I will.

I hope that many children will benefit from the money raised and go on to become great readers and read to their children as well. The gift that keeps on giving.


The Castaway Pirtaes

Who doesn’t love a pop-up book? This book is beautiful and fun. It’s been well loved in our home for years. The rhythm of the book invites the children in to say the words along with you. A great read-aloud book.


photo(2) photo(3)


Ages: 4+


Best Birthday Party Ever

This is really one of the best birthday books I have ever read. It really describes a child’s world and thoughts around a birthday. I read this to my children and my students and they get so excited and inspired. It would make a great birthday gift , we read it as someones birthday approaches.

It has a really good lesson in the end, that simplicity really is a the heart of happiness.





Ages : 4- 7