Spring Break Book Activities

I thought I would share some visuals of the book activities I have been sharing on Instagram.




After reading Windblown by Edouard Manceau, we cut our colored pieces inspired by the book to create a chicken and a jellyfish.





Drawing inspiration from Michael Hall’s book, Perfect Square, we gathered colored paper and some scissors.





We cut our squares into diagonal pieces and then we used them like puzzle pieces to come up with our own photos.



We came up with a giraffe having a snack and a tray of noodles and soup.



The above books were chosen so that my littlest ones could be involved in the projects. The older ones have ideas of their own (the giraffe having a snack), where my almost 4 year old needs a little help. He sees a bowl, and I help him make a table. He is pretty good with a glue stick. If your picture is more abstract, let it be. In the mind of a child, what they see you might not, but it builds confidence to let them do it on their own.


A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston is just beautiful, as well as educational. I have added this book into another series I want to teach my children about. I will share soon.


You have probably seen this project around, it’s pretty common for a kindergartner to make at school. I had never grown a bean in a cup so I was just as excited as my children. These beans are three days in, and once my children saw the sprout, they were so excited. We drew our own pictures to place in the plant so we could tell who’s was who’s.

I chose a navy bean (the smaller one ) and a lima bean for our projects. You just need a clear cup, cotton balls and a bean, so simple. Place the cup in the window and wait for the magic to begin.

I love bringing books to life and teaching and learning along side my children.

Happy Spring Everyone.


Little Free Library 8963

I love to read, and I adore Children’s books. So when I came across a Little Free Library in late August via Instagram, I was smitten. I thought on it a few days and by September 4th, I was officially approved for Little Free Library 8963, a month later my official steward plate arrived. My dream for this Little  Free Library was to be nestled in the trees on Granville Island.

Granville Island is a charming place to visit, a tourist attraction to many visitors and when the sun comes out, a beautiful place for locals to spend the afternoon. I have been working on the Island for about 7 years, and I love my walk to work, I love the Island , and I knew it would be a great home for a Little Free Library. What I didn’t know, was how to propose that idea to Granville Island. Most people just put one in their front yard, but mine, was going to be in a more unique space, or so I hoped.

I set out to find the contacts, this took time, and lots of redirecting. One night I sat down and made an official proposal, with whys, and maps, and space suggestions. I got an email, and soon I was filling out an event form ( you don’t need a grand opening event, but I thought it would be nice intro to the community), I soon met for location ground reviews, and I was approved. I met some of the nicest people, so helpful and all supportive of a Little Free Library and Literacy.

There have been book donations from The Writers Fest and The Peak responded to my press kit. It has all been a lot of work, a lot, because I haven’t mentioned the posters, buttons, bags and book markers, or the building the library. My father-in-law is an architect, he made these great blueprints and he and my husband built the library with late nights and hard work.

If you are new here, I hope this means your found the Little Free Library 8963 on Granville Island. Please feel free to share the books you chose or any photos on the Facebook page.