This is Sadie



I don’t remember being this excited about a book.

I am the biggest fan of Julie Morstad, I have her books and have purchased a few of her prints.

When I first read When I Was Small by Sara O’Leary, my throat got so tight at the end and tears came rolling down. After, I picked up the rest in the series, Where You Came From, and When you were Small.¬† As a mom of boys, I love Henry. Sara and Julie together, capture the heart.

This Is Sadie will not disappoint. I have been following closely, it will be the story book of all storybooks. I saw a mermaid. Eeeep!!!!



With the release of the book just around the corner, Tundra Books has beautiful activities to share. You can find them here.



We had so much fun making ours and we added the little masks to our garland because we liked them so much.


We really cannot wait for this beautiful book, May, come soon.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Since we love Oliver Jeffers, I used Stuck as inspiration for my Valentine’s Day cards.



What you need:


ribbon / embroidery thread

popsicle stick / skewers

hotglue gun

washi tape




Draw out a diamond and cut two pieces, my kite was about 4.5 in long by 4 in wide.

Choose the picture you want for the front and color it in. Cut a ribbon for the kite tail, any size you think will look good. Glue the tail to the inside of the back blank piece of the kite. Place glue around all the corners of the kite, and glue on the front of the backside of the kite to the inside of the kite. (see below)



Cut or break the popsicle stick with one side longer to fit the length and width of the kite. Hot glue the stick on to the back of the kite.


Add washi tape to the end of the kite tale and write a little message on the back.



Happy Valentine’s Day

Raise-A-Reader Day


(for more information and photo credit)

Today was Raise-A-Reader Day here in Vancouver, 100% of all funds go to support Literacy in BC. We bought our copy of the Vancouver Sun in support and I read tons of books to the kids. Reading aloud happens everyday in our home, recently, I have added reading in times other than after school, set a times reading time and bedtime, I have been reading at dinner or when preparing dinner, or even when the kids are in the bath. I feel that right now my little sponges are getting so much from reading that if I can I will.

I hope that many children will benefit from the money raised and go on to become great readers and read to their children as well. The gift that keeps on giving.